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Carlos Tabora

Who Am I?

Marketer. Entrepreneur. Songwriter. Old Soul. 

While I have been a professional marketer for many different organizations throughout my business career, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a professional songwriter, to hear a song that I’ve written being played on the radio and to even supplement or replace my income, with money earned purely from my songwriting activities. While I don’t have a large catalog of songs, I have had some “wins” including winning the Grand Prize in the Billboard® World Song Contest, having a song recorded by a Star Search Semi-Finalist and even getting a single song publishing agreement with a Nashville-based publisher.

But if your dreams are anything like mine, you may relate to not only wanting to be the best songwriter you can be, but to be commercially successful as well by earning an abundant living through your music.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I created this site – to not only document my journey of becoming a professional songwriter, but also to share this journey with other kindred songwriters who want to make a living with their music.

Billboard World Song Contest

First things first, I am not a songwriting expert.

But I am experienced and knowledgeable about building a community and that’s where SongCrafting.com was born. My hope is that this site will offer resources, connections and education from some of the brightest minds in the songwriting industry.

I agree with the mantra that in the music business, people advance together through the relationships they’ve built during their musical journey. Similar to how high school or college students share a bond with their peers when they graduate, my goal is that your “SongCrafting” graduating class or cohort will become a key factor in the success of your music career.

I can’t make any promises on your future success, but I can promise that SongCrafting.com will be one of the best destinations online for helping you grow as a songwriter.

Join our free forum to start connecting with other songwriters today. When you’re ready to upgrade to our paid, pro community, the doors will be open for you. No pressure. Just good vibes here.

Any questions? Send an email to: support@songcrafting.com.

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